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Without Light Part 1

After Walker Wilson — infamous professional football player and one of Bītlogik’s biggest clients — commits a devastating gustatory mishap, Civet Olkin must scramble to save her reputation and her innovative Gastronoic Relations firm. When Civet stumbles onto an explosive chain of secrets connected to Karceral Agriculture, the powerful government-backed farm responsible for feeding the state’s 800 million residents, the Wilson scandal proves to be much more than a professional quagmire. Beset with a crisis of conscience and stalked by those who would go to any lengths to keep secrets silent, Civet must find a way out or be consumed by the food system that holds the state in thrall. More>>

Coming in 2017

About J. Nikol Beckham

J. Nikol Beckham is a professor of Communication Studies at Randolph College, She holds degrees from Virginia Tech, San Diego State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the author of a handful of published short stories and poems, scholarly journal articles, and academic book chapters.  Her forthcoming monograph The Value of a Pint: American Beer, Cultural Change, and the Stubborn Materiality of Contemporary Capitalism is under contract with the University of Nebraska Press. Independence is her first lengthy work of fiction. Read More>>


Free Audio: Chapter 1 of Independence

"Every one is from somewhere. In New England, a place of origin isn't a matter of native geography nor a reckoning of the past. To be from somewhere, is to become somewhere regardless of cartesian coordinates--to be an alchemical object, transmuted flesh into space.

Hunter is from the lowers. Which is to say, he is the lowers. That squalid tangle of post-industrial blight claims him as surely as any blood lineage and the three years he’d spent working for Walker had little chance of undoing seventeen of environmental nurture, the incremental shaping of dust and dimness, of smoke and stagnation--the attainment of self through sedimentation." More>>

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J. recently delivered the keynote lecture, “Craft Beer Culture: Troubling Our Thirst for a Better Brew,” at the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities event, Something’s Brewing: A Symposium on the Craft Beer Movement. The event was heled on Friday, November 4, at the University of Tulsa.



15 weeks, 15 chapters, and a chance to win some free stuff!

As part of this promo, beta-readers will receive one "episode" (aka chapter) of Independence per week and will be asked to respond to a 3-question feedback survey before receiving the next episode.  Beta-readers who complete all 15 weeks will be heartily thanked in the acknowledgements for Independence, receive a free copy of the published ebook, and will be elibible to win a gift card from! Sign up >>

Beckham Makes Podcast Appearance

J. recently appeared as a featured guest on Episode #9 - "Why are we so male? Why are we so White?" of The Beer Curmudgeons podcast. Check it out! >>


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